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Ace Soccer Events is a company fully dedicated to the sport of soccer. Our events are designed to improve gameplay and player relationships (i.e. teamwork), while developing moral fortitude, encouraging participants to achieve success not only as athletes, but also as human beings. In addition, through organizing soccer events, Ace helps companies and institutions develop customer loyalty and brand exposure, which ultimately leads to helping them achieve their professional objectives.

What we do

At Ace Soccer Events, our team employs the tools and strategies to manage all the logistics, operations, and marketing of the event–from start to finish–and we guarantee its success. This leaves your company with the task of simply outlining your organization’s goals for the event and watching it unfold.

How we do

Ace has a team of specialists that designs, develops, and manages a variety of soccer events in different venues across central Florida and elsewhere. We also host our own events, such as PASS Soccer Camp, which incorporates a scientific approach to analyzing each player’s strengths and weaknesses to promote personalized training by the coaches on the field and provide a point of reference for the footballer as s/he develops over time.

Why people believe in us

"Excellent service and a very professional staff. I strongly recommend Ace Soccer Events!"
Thomas Wilms
“Great staff, very knowledgeable professionals! They've done a great job with Real Madrid in Brazil, so highly recommended for everyone here in the US as well!”
Giovanni Zanetti
“They did a great job at UCF! Despite the blazing hot temperature on the turf fields the kids enjoyed it tremendously.” 
Randall Cunningham
Great team of professionals!! They put their heart in all wthat they do... and everything that is done with LOVE and PASSION has a special result!!!
Heloisa Garcia

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Address: 6965 Piazza Grande Ave, Suite 309, Orlando, FL 32835

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