Soccer Evolution

A perfect opportunity for young soccer players learns and improve their game with the best soccer methods. Inspired in the way great players of history used to play, this camp will teach what is the most important on the field and how to do that. Different than most methods, our camp is concerned in changing the way they play, adding a lot, in a healthy and prepared place.

During our soccer camps, the individualized reports from PASS are being used to improve the camper’s skills.

WHAT IS PASS? The Performance Analysis Soccer System evaluates the performance potential of a soccer player by way of an extremely precise, meticulously detailed system, which allows him/her to determine his/her level of physical and motor development related to that sport. With PASS, we can decisively identify an athlete’s strengths and limitations that need to be worked on.
The Test & Pay option is for those who want to first see if their son/daughter will like the event, so s/he does the first day of camp (at a 20% rate = $40) and pays the rest ($155) at the end of the day to participate in the next four (4) days of camp (if s/he desires to do so).
July 10th to 14th, Monday to Friday
Our camp begins each weekday at 9 AM and ends at 3 PM

Boys and Girls
Ages from 6 to 12 years old

Dribbling & Control
Turning & Footskills
Soccer Gear Overview
Speech About Nutrition
Mental Establish Routines
Speech About Proper Sleep
Physical Performance Analyse
Individual Performance Feedback

University of Central Florida - UCF
4000 Central Florida Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32816 

24/7 hotline for parents to contact camp staff.
Water and fruit station  during the entire event.
Certified coaches.
Shaded area for parents, relatives and friends.
If Your Kids Don't Love Camp, You Don't Pay!

We guarantee your child will love Ace Brazilian Soccer Camp, but we don't think you should risk one penny to find out. That's why you can try the Camp absolutely risk-free. If you aren't completely satisfied, you'll get a 100% back.* You've got nothing to lose, but lots of learn to gain, so sign up for camp today!
*(Campers must attend their first two scheduled days of camp to qualify for the money-back guarantee. After the first 2 (two) days, no refunds will be given).

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